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Gregory Finkelso, President of American Corporate Services, Inc.

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Gregory Finkelson is a world-renowned professional who is well known for helping to provide services to those that are looking to utilize the EB-5 program in the United States - both foreign investors and USA-based projects. While he has continued to grow and develop in this specialized field, it has taken a lot of work for him to get to this spot in his career. He has had a long and successful professional career and personal life that has allowed him to become one of the top EB-5 resources in the world.

While Finkelson today continues to be a seasoned professional, his success started while in school. For college, he attended the prestigious Moscow State Industrial University, where he earned a Master’s degree in engineering. This education helped to form the early years of his career, which continued to lead to his position held today. Several years after completing this degree, he decided to continue his education and eventually earned a doctorate degree in Business Administration.

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November 13, 2022

Immigration Consultant Training in California

If you are interested in becoming immigration consultant, you will need to attend specialized training. This will include education, experience, and the Surety bond requirements. It will also include job duties. There are several factors that will determine your salary. Keep reading to learn more. This article provides helpful information on the various aspects of […]

Immigration Consultant
October 18, 2022

Surety Bond For Immigration Consultant California

If you work as an immigration consultant in California, you must secure a $50,000 surety bond. This bond must be filed with the California Secretary of State. Immigration consultants are required to post this bond for two years. A surety bond’s purpose is to protect the client and the immigration consultant from any financial risk. […]

Gregory Finkelson
October 14, 2022

Immigration Consultant Training in California

As an immigration consultant, you may charge fees to help people with the immigration process. However, you must meet certain state requirements. These requirements include having the proper license and bonding with the Secretary of State. You can find the state’s requirements by using their website. Although the state does not require juris doctorate degrees […]

Immigration Consultant
September 16, 2022

Immigration Consultant | The Easiest and Effective Way to Become

If you want to become an immigration consultant, you have to meet certain qualifications. This includes passing a background check and fingerprinting at a Live Scan location. Additionally, you have to obtain a bond in the appropriate bond amount. To get this bond, you can fill out a bond form online and submit it with […]

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