Gregory Finkelson Offers Advice For Sound Office Management

Gregory Finkelson

September 6, 2021

Gregory Finkelson Offers Advice For Sound Office Management

Want to increase the efficiency of your office or team? Check out this advice from Gregory Finkelson, the President of American Services Corporation.

Whether you’re managing a small team or a large division of a Multinational Corporation, sound office management is important. With the right practices, you can increase productivity and employee engagement. Fortunately, Gregory Finkelson, the President of American Services Corporation, is going to provide key office management insights.

“Managing teams takes a lot of work, but the right efforts pay off with increased productivity,” Gregory Finkelson says. “When building your office culture, it’s wise to be transparent and to set clear, obtainable goals.”

Transparency is a hard issue for many managers to tackle. On one hand, not every employee needs to know everything. On the other hand, if your practices and goals are opaque, it could create distrust within your office. Quickly, teams can be overwhelmed by office politics and the rumor mill.

“I work to be as transparent with my team as possible,” Gregory Finkelson notes. “I set clear goals for my employees and my company as a whole. Not every employee knows every detail of our strategies, but people do understand the big picture.”

If your employees understand the overall goals of your company and the direction it is moving in, it’s easier for them to contribute to your efforts effectively. Providing clear mission and vision statements is a wise first step. Regularly updating your entire team, whether they work on internal IT or are customer-facing receptionists, is also smart.

Setting up an accessible company calendar that marks major events, meetings, and other must-know dates, is wise too. You can use a variety of easy-to-use digital tools to create calendars that team members can quickly check to stay informed.

Increasing communication, in general, is important. Weekly or monthly newsletters that are concise, to the point, and contain valuable information, can go a long way, helping you ensure that your entire team is on the same page.

“One thing I’ve always focused on at American Services Corporation is good communication,” Gregory Finkelson points out. “At the office-level, we provide regular, concise communication through digital tools, meetings, and more. Being concise is important, however, for keeping people engaged.”

It’s smart for managers to directly engage employees from time-to-time at the individual level. Simply swinging by someone’s desk to see how they’re doing, shows that you’re engaged. If employees are working remotely or are busy, you can send simple check-in emails, as well.

Gregory Finkelson Discusses Why Self-Service Offices Are Necessary

Many offices and teams have to pool resources, including printers and the like. When possible, it’s best to set up as much self-service as you can. Individual employees should have access to the printer and should be trained on how to use it, for example. Self-service can reduce bottlenecks.

“Whether it’s vital data, say from Google Analytics or your sales software, or something as simple as using the office printer, I try to make sure my employees can service themselves,” Gregory Finkelson notes. “This can reduce bottlenecks in your IT department and helps ensure that employees can quickly access the resources they need to get work done.”