Immigration Consultant | The Easiest and Effective Way to Become

Gregory Finkelson

September 16, 2022

Immigration Consultant

If you want to become an immigration consultant, you have to meet certain qualifications. This includes passing a background check and fingerprinting at a Live Scan location. Additionally, you have to obtain a bond in the appropriate bond amount. To get this bond, you can fill out a bond form online and submit it with a copy of your passport photo. There are specific qualification requirements for becoming immigration consultant in California.

Qualification requirements

There are specific qualification requirements for becoming an immigration consultant in California. These requirements include having experience with immigration law and a solid background in law. They must also have completed a training course and have passed a state licensing exam. Once trained, immigration consultants must maintain continuing education requirements for five years. There are many different training programs available.

A background check is required for immigration consultants. They must have their fingerprints taken at a Live Scan facility. In addition, they must post a bond of the appropriate amount with the California Secretary of State. They can fill out the bond form online or submit a physical copy to the state’s office. Lastly, they must have a passport photo.

Cost of surety bond

In California, an immigration consultant must post a $100,000 surety bond. The bond is valid for two years and protects the public from unauthorized fees, false statements, or fraud. The bond premiums vary based on credit history and credit score. For those with less than perfect credit, a 5% bond is required.

The cost of an immigration consultant bond will vary by state. The total bond amount is determined by the government agency. In California, the bond amount is $100,000, while in Georgia, the required surety bond amount is only $500. The premium rate is determined by the surety company and is a percentage of the total bond amount.

Once the applicant has decided on a certain price range, they can begin the application process. They can complete the bond application online. They will be asked to provide information on their personal, professional, and financial knowledge. Once approved, the application can be processed within a day or two.

Reimbursement by state

Before a consultant can be licensed in California, they must first file a bond with the Secretary of State. A bond is a guarantee that the consultant will abide by the state’s laws and that he will make payments to third parties. This bond is normally for $100,000 and must be renewed every two years. The bond premium is usually between 1% and 5% of the amount of the bond.

There are different types of programs that qualify immigration consultants. Some are exempt from the five-year bar; others must meet certain requirements before they are eligible. Some of these programs are governed by federal law.


To work as an immigration consultant in California, you need to register with the state’s Secretary of State. In addition, you need to post a surety bond. This bond protects the interests of your customers. The bond amount is $10,000. To apply for this bond, you must submit fingerprints, a background check, and a 2″ x 2″ color passport photo.

You must also be a resident of California. You cannot work as an immigration consultant if you have a criminal record. This means you cannot obtain a visa if you have a criminal record. The state’s immigration agency will not allow you to work as a consultant if you don’t have a clean record.

Background check

Before deciding to become an immigration consultant in California, you should make sure you have the right background. The Secretary of State performs a background check to make sure that you do not have any criminal convictions. In some cases, conviction of a misdemeanor or felony will disqualify you from practicing as an immigration consultant. A conviction following nolo contendere will also disqualify you.

Immigration consultants in California must also have a surety bond. These bonds are designed to protect the interests of the customers who entrust their services to immigration consultants in the state. The required bond amount is $10,000. To obtain the bond, you must pay a premium, which is based on your personal and business finances. Your credit score, business financials, and fixed and liquid assets will all be considered.